Public Health & the Importance of Leader to Follow Best Practices

Part A: Public Health Professionals, Cultural Humility, and our Roles in Promoting Equity, Health Equity, and Social Justice

  1. Your thoughts on the leadership roles of Public Health and/or Health professionals in promoting equity and social justice. You should include specific actions that can be done by the Public Health and Health professions and professionals.
  2. Specific leadership actions that you can take as a Public Health and/or Health professional to promote equity and social justice.

These should be thoughtful posts that provide specific ideas and actions to make the ideas happen. Posts should be a minimum of 180 words and should use specific examples.

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Part B: Top 5 Leadership Styles and Traits

1) Which videos you watched? (just list them)

2) Describe your top 5 takeaways on leadership styles and traits

3) What leadership types, styles, or traits do we need more of in the United States?

Posts should be a minimum of 120 words.