The Stem Cell Research Replies

1. Stem cell research is using stem cells to manipulate them to a specific cell and have it implanted on a person. One of the ways the stem cells can grow is into a brain cell, which can help in repairing neurological brain damage like alzhemer’s or dementia (Alzheimer society, 2021). A person suffering from Alzheimer disease impairs a person’s neurological and communication. A stem cell will be useful to treat Alzheimer because it can be modified in vito and has a high migratory capacity after being transplanted into the brain, which can deliver neurotrophic factors or enhance gene expression which can modify the disease’s course (Tang, 2012). When the stem cell is successfully transplanted it can go to the regions of the brain that is injured and promote regeneration of the brain cells. This benefits the individual because it can help fix their neurological and communication problems. This will also be helpful for families because Alzheimer disease can cause troublesome for individuals and families. With this, they will have to worry a little less about the individual with Alzheimer, as well as the individual will have a higher chance of remembering themselves and their family. With this, it can treat or prevent the Alzheimer complications like restlessness, bladder and bowel problems, depression, malnutrition, wandering, and infections. It would be a great thing to use to improve a person’s well being and their age progression. It will also help the families as they usually have to either care for the Alzheimer patient or have to find a care giver for their family member.

2. Stem cell transplantation is esentially replacing the damages cells and putting in new healthy cells. Alzheimer’s is described as ,”. . . a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms eventually grow severe enough to interfere with daily tasks,” (What is alzheimer’s? 2021). Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that not only affects the patient but the families as well. The reasearch on stem cells is that, “Stem cells have two important properties. First, they are able to reproduce themselves many times. Second, they can produce all the different cell types needed to make a human being, for instance heart cells, skin cells, nerve cells and so on. Stem cells can grow into brain cells, and as a result, have the potential to repair brain damage caused by neurological conditions, such as dementia,” (Alzheimer’s society’s view on stem cell research 2021). I personally don’t know anyone with Alzheimer’s diease but from what i’ve learned, the slowly and progressively aren’t themselves anymore. Most reach the point where they won’t recognize their family anymore. They will need help with everything and yes they will have some good days but more days are bad. I give a lot of credit to families and to those in the healthcare field who help out with patients like these. It is a challenge so I am for stem cell research to help out those with this condition and their families.