Addiction -Professional And Client Characteristics

Use your textbook, Sue and Sue’s Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, to complete the following:

  • Read Chapter 3, “Multicultural Counseling Competence for Counselors and Therapists of Marginalized Groups,” pages 71–101.
  • Read Chapter 5, “The Impact of Systemic Oppression: Counselor Credibility and Client Worldviews,” pages 145–175.
  • Read Chapter 7, “Barriers to Multicultural Counseling and Therapy: Individual and Family Perspectives,” pages 215–246.
  • Read Chapter 10, “Non-Western Indigenous Methods of Healing: Implications for Multicultural Counseling and Therapy,” pages 321–347.
  • Read Chapter 15, “Counseling American Indians/Native Americans and Alaska Natives,” pages 479–495.

Use the Internet to explore the current demographics in your own state.