Art Appreciation

After reading Chapter 3/Themes handout on D2L, reading the Shepard Fairey article and going through the associated presentation you will complete this assessment. Assessments are different than homework assignments because these are meant for you to practice using the information you have learned without fear of failure. They are graded based on completion as long as you have followed directions and show that you have completed the D2L lesson the assessment is attached to in the content section. (By using the correct terminology)

Prompt: Consider the themes found in Chapter 3/Themes handout on D2L in relation to the site-specific installation, Ghostwriter, made in 1994 by Ralph Hemlick and Stuart Schecther. What is the artwork’s primary theme from the chapter? Provide visual evidence to explain your answer.

Even though you might think this artwork could fit more than one theme, be sure to select the one you think is the best fit. What is it’s number one purpose? Why was it made? On the midterm, if you discuss more than one theme you will not receive credit for themes even if one of them is correct as the task asks you to identify the primary theme (meaning one) of the artwork.

Make sure that you provide clear visual evidence that explains the theme you have selected rather than just describing the subject matter. You want to “defend” your answer. Even if it is a theme I might not normally associate with the artwork sometimes your evidence can convince me to believe it could work because art is subjective. Vagueness is not your friend and without proper evidence you won’t be able to convince me of much so be sure to be clear.

Note: All assessments MUST be written in complete sentences and in paragraph format. Failure to do this will automatically result in a ZERO. Write 1-2 paragraphs for this prompt.

Link for Shepard Fairey article: