Essay On Racism In Latin America (Latin American Studies)

Please use the attached pdfs as reference for the assignment and follow the instructions below. You must know how to cite using Chicago Style. I have attached 5 docs to use as instructed; only 4 are needed. The reference page IS NOT INCLUDED as part of the 800 – 1200 words. DO NOT ACCEPT the assignment if you do not agree with the contract.



Racism is rooted at its core with logics of control, elimination, and evisceration of racialized others. In this course we have learned that racism in Latin America goes beyond narratives of individual feelings or racial slurs. Racism throughout the Western Hemisphere has been essential to establishing and maintaining national identities, borders, and civil society. For this assignment students will analyze a current event (something that’s occurred in the last 10 years) in Latin America or the Caribbean with the theoretical interventions made by the scholars we’ve read. Each student will be expected to employ FOUR separate course readings to interpret the ways in which the chosen event reflects one or all of the logics mentioned at the beginning of this prompt. Students will cite their papers using Chicago Style, have 1-inch margins throughout, and have endnotes not footnotes. The essay will range from 800-1200 words