Ethics and Public Health

Part 1: Case Study Review (250-300 Words)

Review the case study on pages 126–127 of Ethics and Public Health: Model Curriculum.  After reading the case study, answer the following question in your initial post:  How should the board of directors and administration respond to Our Covenant Health Center’s changing patient population and the language assistance needs of the new patients seeking care there? Consider the issue from both the perspective of the original mission and the reality of the current demand.

Part 2: (250-300 Words)

As you have learned throughout the course, financial needs and challenges can have a huge impact on how and when clients access or reach out to healthcare services.  In your initial post, identify at least two resources in your local community (cash and/or services) that might assist your clients who are unable or struggle to pay for housing, medical treatment, food and clothing, electricity, and other living costs. Describe the resources available and how a client would apply for those funds or services.

Part 3: (250-300 Words)

As you are learning, the healthcare system is subject to social and political forces that impact its actions and form. Here is a chance to reflect on the change process and consider how changes to the system can impact individuals such as Jean from the final project case study.


Taking into consideration all you have learned in your textbook reading for this module, reflect on what force or entity has the greatest ability to influence (positively or negatively) change within the U.S. healthcare system, especially involving healthcare delivery and access. What evidence shows its influence? Why do you think this force or entity has so much power? For instance, discuss the role in society that vests it with power.


Next, consider how changes to the system impact individuals. Specifically, how could changes within the larger healthcare institution trickle down to impact an individual client such as Jean? Explain with examples.

Answer the key questions above in approximately 250 to 300 words. Be sure to develop your writing in enough detail for a reader to find it clear and convincing.