Group Communication Worksheet

A communication process model can contain many elements, but the four critical pieces of a communication process model are the sender, the receiver, the message, and feedback.


Use the University Library or the Internet to locate credible sources regarding a communication process model that contains these four pieces.


Describe each piece of the communication process in the table that follows, and discuss how it can affect communication among group members. Each cell should contain a 20- to 35-word response.


Use the “Empathy Revisited” article in this week’s University Library Resources page to discuss how empathy can affect each piece of the communication process. Provide citations for all sources used.


Description Effects on group communication What is the effect of empathy?



As discussed in Ch. 10 of Social Groups in Action and Interaction, group communication can be influenced by the three characteristics listed in the table that follows.


Describe the characteristics, in 35- to 50-word responses, as they would look in a group with a positive, effective communication style.


  Description of a group or team with a positive, effective communication style