Growth and Development of the Newborn and Infant

1. Jesus is the first-born son of Roberto and Marie Valez. The parents are very excited about the birth of their new son. They have brought Jesus into their nurse practitioner today for his first examination 3 days after his birth. Jesus was 7 lbs 2 oz at birth and 19 in. His Apgar scores were 8 and 9. There were no complications with his mother’s pregnancy or his delivery. Jesus’ parents have noticed that he has lost some weight since coming home. Marie is breastfeeding Jesus and is concerned that she is doing something wrong. They also have several questions about Jesus.  (Learning Objectives 1 and 4)

a. What can the nurse practitioner tell Marie regarding her concerns about Jesus’ weight loss?

b. What questions should the nurse practitioner ask regarding Jesus’ nutrition, and what information can he or she offer to Marie regarding breastfeeding?

c. What anticipatory guidance can the nurse practitioner offer to Roberto and Marie regarding Jesus’ growth and development over the next several weeks?

2. Steve Shell has brought in his 9-month-daughter Emily for her wellness examination and immunizations. Steve is a single father raising his daughter after Emily’s mother was killed in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Steve is doing a great job of raising Emily by himself, but he still has some concerns about his abilities as a father. He has several questions for the nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner’s examination of Emily is unremarkable and she is growing and developing as expected. (Learning Objectives 6 and 7)

a. What should the nurse practitioner include when teaching Steve about promoting healthy eating habits and appropriate sleep and rest?

b. What can the nurse practitioner offer Steve regarding promoting appropriate discipline with Emily?

c. Since Steve is a single parent and sole income earner, he is required to place Emily in day care while he is at work. Steve is concerned about the effects of day care on Emily’s development. What can the nurse practitioner teach Steve about child care?