Prejudice, Discrimination, and Assimilation in the United States

Racial and ethnic groups have faced various challenges throughout their history in the United States. Many have had to deal with hardships and persecution and contend with prevalent sentiments of distrust and disapproval. Others have been able to gain quick success in climbing the economic and political ladder (Pew Research Center, 2016b). They have all had to make significant adjustments in order to secure health access, work, housing, and political rights and to come to terms with dominant cultural practices and expectations within the community. Understanding the journey of the multiple racial and ethnic groups in the United States helps shed light on the issues and vulnerabilities they face and provides greater comprehension of the complex movement of the United States as a nation of immigrants.


In this week’s Discussion, you will focus on one of the following groups regarding their historical experience with prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation within the United States:


Native Americans
African Americans
Hispanic Americans
Asian Americans
White ethnic Americans
Jewish Americans
Arab Americans


You will analyze the historical background and treatment of that racial or ethnic group in the United States and their current status with regard to access and participation.


Note: In the Week 3 and Week 4 Discussions, you are required to choose different racial or ethnic groups to analyze (a United States group in Week 3 and a Non-United States group in Week 4). For your Course Project you must use one of the groups you chose in either Week 3 or 4 to be the focus of your analysis.


To prepare:


  • Review Chapters 5 and 13 and the chapter you have chosen to examine related to your chosen specific group: Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, White ethnic Americans, Jewish Americans, or Arab Americans from Part 2 of the textbook.
  • Consider the issues related to the group you choose with regard to its challenges with prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation.


Post 350 word analysis of the group you chose