Realism, Impressionism, And The Modern World

Complete this worksheet by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. In the first table of the worksheet, complete the following:


For each era, identify an artifact that depicts one of the characteristics provided.

Explain which characteristic you think it represents, and why.


In the second table, address the following:

1. In the first column, identify creators from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries who you think made important contributions to art and culture in the form of humanities artifacts that impacted society.

Identify one of the artifacts they created (in the second column) and the medium of the artifact (in the third column). Recall from Fundamentals of Human Culture that mediums can include dance, literature, sculpture, visual arts, architecture, music, performance, and so forth.

Explain why you believe the creator felt the need to express their ideas (in the fourth column). For example, if one of the people you chose was John Lennon, you could identify one of his songs and discuss how the song relates to examples of his social activism.


Once you have completed the second table, answer the questions at the end of the document.


Part 1: Realism and Impressionism


Realism Impressionism

1. Depiction of the ordinary

2. Real-life situations

3. Shift from the ideal to the real


1. The play of light in the present moment

2. Immediacy, spontaneity

3. Short, staccato brushstrokes in art



Realism Artifact Characteristic That Realism Artifact Represents (Explain Your Reasoning) Impressionism Artifact Characteristic That Impressionism Artifact Represents (Explain Your Reasoning)
[Insert text.] [Insert text.] [Insert text.] [Insert text.]



Part 2: The Modern World


Person Artifact Created Medium Need to Express
Twentieth Century:

[Insert text.]

[Insert text.] [Insert text.] [Insert text.]
Twenty-first Century:

[Insert text.]

[Insert text.] [Insert text.] [Insert text.]



In one to two paragraphs, answer the following questions:


What differences do you notice between the artifacts from each era?

In the context of what you have learned in this theme, where do you think those differences stemmed from?