SOCW 6121 Week 5 Assessing Group Process

SOCW 6121 Week 5 Assessing Group Process

Each member of a group contributes to the group’s dynamic even if the member is silent. As a clinical social worker, it is important to understand the dynamics you bring to a group and the role you tend to assume in a group setting. Every individual has his or her own way of interacting. Knowing your own personal style and the role you tend to choose will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when working within a group.

For this Assignment, describe the dynamics of your Wiki Group. By this time, your group should have developed the family case study and defined the scope of the problem.

Reflect on your participation in the dynamics. What role have you assumed in the group? Have you used any empowerment strategies in moving the group forward? If not, what strategy could you implement?

Group Process Assignments should integrate course concepts related to group process. Assignments should demonstrate critical thought when applying course material to your group experience. Support ideas in your Assignment with APA citations from this week’s required resources


Family Description

Peter’s family is the one selected for this project. Peter is a 34-year old Caucasian man who originates from San Francisco, California. He is married to Fernando, a 33-year old Latino man, who is a first generation American. Fernando’s parent immigrated from Cuba before he was born. They live on the outskirts of San Francisco and have been married for three years. They met while in college where Peter earned a business degree, and Fernando earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing. The couple adopted a child about nine months ago from Colombia. The child’s name is Jose and he is currently 24 months old. Peter’s job keeps him very busy and requires him to travel a lot. Therefore, the primary issue here is balancing work and home life for Peter.

Roles & Communication

The group that will address the concern comprises five members, Sharon, Sandra, Catlin, Hannah and Titilope. Each member will have a specific duty. Someone will oversee the family assessment to establish the underlying problems (Mullen et al., 2008). A timetable was completed to break down weekly goals for the project and each member of the group have decided to assign goals each week based on the previous development of the project. For example, during week four Sharon will be responsible for engagement techniques, Sandra will be responsible for research on social, cultural, and diverse considerations, Titilope will be responsible for defining the specific problem, and Hannah and Catlin will be responsible for organizing and publishing material into the Wiki.

Members will communicate over the Internet using email, hangouts to video chat, and via texting to communicate weekly and to share research and project materials. Every member has a smartphone; thus, this will necessitate effective communication regarding the progress of the project.


Mullen, E. J., Bledsoe, S. E., & Bellamy, J. L. (2008). Implementing evidence-based social work practice. Research on Social Work Practice, 18(4), 325–338.