SOCW 6204 week 10 Supporting Grief And Loss

SOCW 6204 week 10 Supporting Grief And Loss

For the Assignment, you will create a support group for one of the following populations: breast cancer survivor, loss of infant, new widow, child who lost a sibling, or another population as approved by your instructor. You will create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation in which you will explain the type of group (family, multi-group, etc.) you will be designing. The presentation must include at least 5-7 academic references to support the planning and 3-5 good resources you would pass on to group members.  And type out a transcript so that I can read over the powerpoint.

PPT presentation which includes the following:

Explanation of important principles related to grief and loss and how these were taken into account when designing the group

Description of the structure and function of the group you planned

Explanation of how diversity and culture was taken into account when developing this group

Explanation of how you would engage the group members

Explanation of how you would assess functioning and dynamics

Explanation of intervention that would be provided in the group, including reasons for sharing the 3-5 recommended resources for the group.

Explanation of how you would evaluate group outcomes

Include references

Include a transcript on your video to ensure your presentation is accessible to differing abilities