Woman’s Co-op :Organizational Culture

1. Organizational structure is comprised of many different elements (e.g., norms, symbols, rituals, values). What are the key elements of CHP’s culture?


2. When using an organizational culture perspective, it is important to understand and examine the underlying meaning of the cultural elements. For each element listed (in Question 1), indicate what its meaning is to individuals and to the organization as a whole. Identify the origins of these meanings. What is the essence of CHP’s culture?


3. Organizational founders and leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the culture and i guiding its transformation. “WHp individuals or groups are the founders and leaders pof CHP? What influence do these people have in the organization’s culture?


4. Organizational culture is the lens through which a group understands and negotiates it environment. Who are the key environmental actors with whom the CHP must contend? How is the impact of these actors understood from CHP’s perspective?

The Decision

1. Identify the reasons or factors that favor affiliation with Planned Parenthood, keeping in mind the cultural analysis just completed in both organizations.


2. Identify the reasons or factors that argue against affiliations with Planned Parenthood.


3. Should CHP affiliate with Planned Parenthood? Why or why not?



1. If you chose affiliation, how do you propose to address the concerns that CHP members have about losing their identity?


2. What steps are needed to ease this transition– on the part of Planned Parenthood and CHP– or does that matter (perhaps just saving the programs is sufficient)?


3. Does affiliating with Planned Parenthood essentially mean that CHP will need to give up its culture?


4. If you chose not to affiliate, how do you propose to sustain CHP? WHat changes need to be occur in philosophy, governance and service delivery to make survival more likely?


5. How will you address the frustration and disintegration that seems to have been building over the last few years?