Behavioral and Cognitive Methods for Treating Pain

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Writing the Content Question Answer and Providing a Response:

Content Question Answer Posting: The focus of this Content Question Discussion Board activity will be on pain treatment strategies. You will be posting on the approach to pain management that is listed below with the first letter of your last name. In your discussion, assess how psychological methods might be effectively employed to assist patients to manage and cope with pain. Be sure to distinguish how you might utilize your strategy differently with patients across the lifespan.

Last Names beginning with:

  • A through C: Operant Approach (techniques to extinguish pain behavior and reinforce well behavior)
  • D through F: Fear Reduction (reducing fear of pain to minimize behaviors that worsen function)
  • G through J: Relaxation or Biofeedback (techniques to reduce stress)
  • K through N: Cognitive – active coping (distraction, non-pain imagery, and/or pain redefinition to modify the pain experience)
  • O through Q: Cognitive – pain acceptance (cognitive strategies to promote pain acceptance and improve functioning)
  • R through T: Hypnosis, Stimulation Therapies, or Animal-assisted
  • U through Z: Interpersonal Therapy (talk therapy to promote insight into the pain experience)

Your original post should be a minimum of 300 words. You must include a minimum of one scholarly or peer-reviewed reference published within the last five years to support your work. All references should be cited in APA format as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center.

Guided Response: Respond substantively to a minimum of one classmate’s initial post who was assigned a different pain reduction strategy than yours. In responding, summarize your thoughts on the availability and effectiveness of the strategy. Are any special resources required for their strategy and are they available in your location? Do you agree with your classmate’s assessment of the effectiveness of the strategy? Have you ever used or observed the strategy or technique, and was it helpful? Would you consider employing this strategy in the future for your own pain management, or recommending it to others? Your response(s) should demonstrate that you have read any existing replies on the board. In your response, mention information and viewpoints already expressed by existing responses to the same post. Provide a courteous and interactive learning environment. (See the Netiquette Rules link on the About Discussions page in the left navigation if you have questions.) Continue to monitor the content board through 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) on Day 7 of the week and reply to anyone who has responded to your original post.