Critical thinking-care of a diabetic student

Read the Critical Thinking story on page 425 of your textbook. Submit 1 entry in response to the Topics listed. You may answer a topic or reply to another student’s answer to a topic.

Topic 1  Why is it more difficult for Jacob to maintain his injection routine in middle school than it was in elementary school?

Topic 2  Knowing that missing an insulin injection could cause a diabetic coma and possibly death, why do you think Jacob is not more conscientious in his self-care?

Topic 3  Do you think Jacob’s schoolmates talk about him, or does he just think they do? Discuss the possibilities. What steps can Jacob take to help his classmates understand his condition?

Topic 4  Consider the cost of managing Jacob’s diabetes for 1 year, for 10 years, for his lifetime. What if Jacob did not have insurance? What would happen if his mismanagement of his condition resulted in a hospital stay?