Disruptive Innovation in the Healthcare System

Watch this brief clip from the Harvard Business Review. It has more of a business school focus, but offers a good perspective on disruptive innovation.


Next, review three very short pieces about innovation in healthcare:

  • Haughom, J. (2016). Innovation in Healthcare: Why It’s Needed and Where It’s Going. HealthCatalyst. Retrieved from https://www.healthcatalyst.com/healthcare-data-help-not-hinder-human-endeavor-has-2014 [The first article only.]
  • Herzlinger, R.E. (2006). Why Innovation in Health Care Is So Hard. Harvard Business
  • Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2006/05/why-innovation-in-health-care-is-so-hard
  • Gaskell, A. (2016). Building A Culture of Innovation in Healthcare. Forbes. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/adigaskell/2016/11/08/building-a-culture-of-innovation-in-healthcare/#3dea084344a7

Then, respond to this week’s Discussion questions.

  1. Identify a disruptive innovation. What was it and how did it change its industry. A healthcare example is preferable, but not necessary. Many dramatic examples exist outside healthcare.
  2. Do breakthrough innovations always succeed? (Who knows what the Osborne Computer was?)