Global Public Relations Director of Startup Wellness Brand

You are the public relations director of a startup wellness brand. The company’s customer base is American women between the ages of 18–55. You received word from quality control that a recent batch of body lotions were released erroneously with an ingredient that can cause allergic reactions on the skin, including blisters and rashes. The label on the body lotion did not list this ingredient, and it does not have a warning label on the bottle. You must now create a crisis management presentation to submit to the c-suite of the company on how to conduct a product recall.


Your conflict management presentation should be approximately 6–10 slides, please add speaker notes to the slide

Your presentation should include:

  1. Introduction to strategic conflict management from a public relations perspective (not a business perspective).
  2. Your analysis of the conflict situation.
    1. Background
    2. Main events
    3. Main crisis/issues/risks/problems that need to be addressed
  3. Three main objectives of your crisis/issue/risk plan based on the problems identified.
  4. At least two or three specific strategies that you recommend to address EACH objective.
  5. Recommend a strategy for the management of image and reputation.
  6. Recommend a strategy for the management and use of social media during the crisis.
  7. Address any long-term considerations.
  8. Overall conclusion.