HUSS 235 Crisis Intervention Theories

HUSS 235 Crisis Intervention Theories

1 Compare and contrast emic and etic models of multiculturalism.

  • 1a Are there times when it is better to have one perspective over the other? Defend your position


2 Identify and explain the characteristics of a crisis.

  • 2a Of the three theories of crisis intervention discussed (Basic, Expanded and Applied), compare and contrast two of the theories using at least two credible sources.
    • Highlight additional multicultural considerations you feel are important to note.
    • Be sure to provide citations from at least two scholarly sources.


3 Assess how being aware of this model can assist you in your role as a crisis worker.

  • Choose four of the characteristics that make up the model. For each characteristic, construct a situation illustrating how it would play an important part in working with a client.


4 Formulate a response to these essential questions:

  • What constitutes a crisis?
  • What characteristics should an effective crisis intervention worker possess?

Now you are to create two Essentials Questions you think will help you focus the writing of your Portfolio Project.


  • Briefly discuss how your questions will guide the development of your Portfolio Project.


5. How might your culture influence how you react in a crisis? How can understanding your own cultural background help you work more effectively with others of different backgrounds?