Impact of Digital Information

Please respond to the following:

· In Chapter 5, First Order Effects are described as the initial effect of digitizing information on society. Using your textbook, determine what Second Order Effects refer to; then, suggest three (3) unintended consequences of this development. Of your three (3) unintended consequences, which one do you feel is most significant? Justify your response.

· Data breaches of businesses and the government have been in the news and other media labeled as what is known as “hacking”. Using the Internet and Strayer databases find an article online regarding a specific example of business or government hacking. Next, provide a response that addresses the following elements: who, what, where, when, why and the results of the data intrusion. At the end of your response, be sure to include the significance of your selected example on society.

· Speculate on three (3) ways that the instantaneity and efficiency of digital information will impact healthcare, agricultural shortages, retail inventories, or personal spending. Next, imagine you are forming a business. Propose three (3) ways you would use digital technology within your business; then, for each way you proposed, provide a rationale as to why you elected to use that technology within your business.