Measuring Quality Improvement and Satisfaction

Reflection is sometimes referred to as a process that occurs internally and in isolation. A Reflection-in-Action is a reflective process where one is able to reflect and act from our experiences. It is a time to reflect on activities or events of a moment in time and explore feelings, thoughts, reactions and impact of our current and future selves. It is an internal process for practicing being in the moment and for broadening our consciousness. You are to prepare Reflection-in-Action in which you explore the concepts you have learned each week

Directions: Each Reflection-in-Action Entry should be 400 words in length, are to utilize APA 6th Edition. Discuss and reflect on the topic in terms of:

a.     How the content and assignments met the course objective(s)?

b.     Provide examples of actual or potential applications of the course week’s course concepts.

c.     Successes or challenges that you had for the week in terms of the course content.

IMPORTANT: summary reflection of your experience since it’s the last reflection paper- in terms of application during your transition to the role of bachelor degree level nurse.