PHI 105 GC Week 1 Assignment 2 What Is Critical Thinking

PHI 105 GC Week 1 Assignment 2 What Is Critical Thinking


1- Find three sources that discuss critical thinking. Two of these sources may be from the assigned and/or optional readings, but the third must be found through your own research. After you have read the three sources, consider how they define critical thinking.

2- Write your own definition of what you think critical thinking is (250 words).

3- You must include one direct quote, selected from one of your resources. (Note: the quoted material may only make up to 20% of your entire paper, which in this case is 50 words. The remaining 80% of the paper must be your own creative work.)

4- A Reference list that documents the three sources you found (and any other resources you used) is required.

5- Keep the following guidelines in mind:

The articles you found in your research may inform your definition, but your own ideas should be evident. In other words, your process should be:

1- Read some definitions and descriptions of critical thinking.

2- Comprehend or digest the information.

3- Write your own definition of critical thinking. (Note: Do not simply reword the definitions you read. Consider a new way to explain what you understand critical thinking to be.)

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.