Pre employment screening and reflection

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  • Indicate which type of pre-employment test you feel most comfortable/confident taking and explain why.
  • Indicate which type of pre-employment test you feel least comfortable/confident taking and explain why.
  • Try to put yourself in the mindset of an employer and justify which pre-employment test(s) you would utilize to help you make the best, most informed hiring decision
  • PART 2 =To begin, please visit the weblinks below and complete at least two of the free pre-employment tests. You can choose to do two from the same site or one from each. Do not pay to view your results or to take a test. For the sake of this assignment, the free tests and results will suffice. The first site listed below may ask you to create an account or enter your email address to proceed. If you are uncomfortable doing so, use the other site. · Practice Aptitude Tests · Institute of Psychometric Coaching
  • After you have completed at least two free pre-employment tests from the weblinks above and reviewed your results, please write a reflective essay at least 750 words in length in which you address the prompts below. As you write your essay, utilize information from at least two outside resources to support your answers. These resources can be found through Google, Google Scholar, and/or the Bryant & Stratton College Virtual Library. Your resources should be cited, with a complete reference list at the end of your essay. · Explain the reasons why employers utilize pre-employment tests. · List some of the pros and cons of employers utilizing pre-employment tests. · Indicate which of the free pre-employment tests you completed using the weblinks above and summarize your results on each test you completed. In doing so, make sure to detail what these results might reveal to a potential employer about you, your strengths, and your weaknesses. · Outline how you will continue to improve the skills that are assessed on pre-employment tests and what you will do to ensure you are ready for any of the tests a potential employer might ask you to take.