Prejudice Discrimination & Stereotype

Using this week’s assigned chapters from your textbook, in addition to at least two other outside resources, respond to the following in a 2-3 page research paper:

  • Differentiate between prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination. Use your textbook and additional resources to support your explanations.
  • Identify one or two situations where prejudice and discrimination occurred. This can be something you saw on the news or something you saw in your personal life. If it is a personal situation and was not publicized in the media, please do not use any identifying features in your descriptions of the situation(s). With situations you found in the media, you may use names and identifying features. Explain how the targets of prejudice and discrimination responded to the attacks they encountered.
  • In the situations you selected to research on prejudice and discrimination, do you think the targets responded in a way that was typical, or was it atypical to respond in that manner?
  • Discuss your findings on strategies to overcome prejudice and discrimination. Incorporate a biblical perspective into your response.

Use APA formatting to write your paper and ensure that you include a cover page and reference page (these will be excluded from the page requirements).