Risk Event Trends in Villa Hospital

Request: This is a complex task which requires knowledge in graphic representation. Even though the work is not long, it would be very difficult for someone who is not familiar with excel functions and graphic designing. The Vila Health scenario for this assignment invites you to pay close attention to the statistics being provided. Assume the role of a quality assurance analyst at the main Vila Health hospital. You have been asked to speak to the unit managers and collect their annual reports on the following risk events: falls, medication errors, documentation/billing errors, patient injuries, and pressure sores. The powerpoint instruction file will guide you towards the information which needs to be presented. The case together with the excel which you will have to use are attached. Once again, I underline the fact that this task consists of medical data analysis based on an excel file and designing graphics which need to be presented in the powerpoint based on these values. The final file needs to be 8 slides (excluding cover and reference page) but it should contain very detailed speaker notes -at least 300 words each (you can write more per slide but no less). Graphics and analysis are vital to obtain a passing grade – check the attached documents for all the info.