SOC 3321 Raising a Child

Write a solid paragraph of about 250 words for your post. Your post must demonstrate critical thinking about families pondering materials and information from that week.


Think about how you can contribute some substantive arguments to the discussion that goes beyond what has been already said and stated in the class materials – contextualizing and critically evaluating the issues. Consider questions like: Why are we seeing particular patterns? What could be contributing to the issues beyond the information presented in the readings and videos? What are the consequences of the observed patterns/phenomena? What does it mean for particular forms or groups of families? What does this mean for certain groups in our society? Can something be done about this – could policies or programs improve the issues? What did the authors (readings, videos) fail to consider? Etc.,


Questions like these demonstrate critical thinking and will most definitively add substance to your posts.


Your post should be clear and well thought out.


You can use examples from your personal experience to illustrate your thoughts but do not just recount things you heard or experienced, rather apply those experiences to make your arguments.


Responses must also be substantive. Please do not just repeat what someone else stated, just cheer on your fellow students, or just add a personal anecdote. Do all of the above if you wish but add some substantive arguments to gain maximum points.