SOCI 30 Controversy on Marijuana Legalization

SOCI 30 Controversy on Marijuana Legalization

To help the rest of the class understand the positions debated in a controversial case study. A case study is an event where an issue is being debated, so do not choose a broad topic. Case studies might look at events such as the proposal of a law or regulation; a court case; a protest or other activism; a disaster or outbreak; or a media scandal.

You will need to include some visual dimension to your presentation (such as a powerpoint presentation or animated presentation, or visual report/zine, etc.). In addition, you should include at least two external sources (one should be for one side of the controversy and the other source should be of the contrasting side), as well as at least two connections to class themes, readings, or concepts. You should cite your sources and include them in your visual display for the presentation.

In terms of structure of the presentation, I recommend that you first make an argument for why your audience should care about this controversy. You will then want to discuss the two sides of the controversy, including the benefits and costs of each side of this issue. Finally, your conclusion should attempt to take a side on the controversy, or if not, at least explain why the controversy will likely continue well into the future.

Your presentation as a whole, will aim to answer the following questions: What are the positions in this debate and why does this lead to controversy or conflict? What lessons should your audience take away from this case study?

A presentations will be exceptionally organized and will go for the allotted time. A presentations will also have carefully analyzed and explained the various sides of the controversy, using external sources. These presentations will have made an exceptional case for the importance of this controversy (what is at stake and for whom?), a clear conclusion that explains where this controversy may go, or should go, and at least a couple of connections to class material. Finally, A presentations will have a unique visual design.