Social Justice Issue in American Public Schools

The review paper is an effort to analyze and pull together what we have sampled in the module. What are sociologists studying? What theories are they using? What research methods are they using? What research questions are they trying to answer? What matters of concern or “public issues” are addressed in their work? Do you see any agreements or disagreements among the authors? Here are a few guidelines for it.

  • Try to cover all the articles you and your classmates found.
  • You may include articles and materials that I posted, but you don’t have to include them; remember, these provide data, historical background, and supplementary analysis and theory.
  • Avoid writing a paper in which you sequentially summarize the collected articles; try to answer the suggested questions, pulling the articles together, comparing and contrasting them, and looking for overall patterns and conclusions.
  • Keep the length around 4 double-spaced pages.