SOCW-6301-6500-WK4 Assignment 2: Agency Presentation

SOCW-6301-6500-WK4 Assignment 2: Agency Presentation

Various agencies contribute to the social services offered in social work practice. Although the goal of many social work agencies may appear the same—to offer social services to clients who need them—each agency provides a unique approach or opportunity to deliver those needs.


As a future social worker, understanding the position of your agency in reference to the world of social work practice might provide valuable perspectives for applying your professional skills.


For this Assignment, research the agency you are working with for your field education experience. Examine the characteristics of your agency in reference to the field of social work and the types of services offered to clients.


The Assignment (8–10 PowerPoint slides):

Create an Agency (military mental health clinic) PowerPoint Presentation that includes the following:


o   A definition of the characteristics of the population(s) served by your agency: (Serve the military population)


o   A description of the sources of funding for your agency: (Funded through the Department of Defense)


o   An explanation of the agency’s mission statement and a comparison to your agency learning agreement: (Agency mission statement is to “deliver human weapon systems to combatant commanders)


o   A description of the organizational structure of your agency


Support your Assignment with specific references (3-4) to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.



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