Surgical Error and Medical Staff

Each group should prepare a cause study from the following problem statement :

1- Shortage of the Medical staff (physician -nurses).

2- Medication error.

3- Newborn abduction from the nursery

4- Failure to Take the Needed Precautions (Medical workers fail to take the precautions they need to keep a patient safe, which can lead to falls. For example, leaving bedrails down)

5- Surgical error

6- Poor communication between the healthcare team.

Each presentation should consist of 15 – 20 slides minimum and includes these elements in the following order :

Cover sheet


Background about the problem

Where is the incidence take place? Who is involved?

What type of health policies have been violate?

What are the impact of the violation on the patients (complication)?

Recommendations to address the violation.



Each group start present their case study on week 13 & week 14 and the leader of the group is responsible to submit the presentation a day before the due date.

The group should be provided maximum 15 minutes to present the topic

Each group member has to present equally

After the presentations students has to submit presentations in pdf form individually to the BB.

The group will be graded as per the “Presentation Marking Rubric”.