Teamwork Roles Set

Chapter 5 expands the information that we have covered through the first 4 chapters. We begin to look at the importance that interaction truly plays within society. We again define society as a “system of social interactions, that includes culture, social organizations and institutions” this creates the social structure that we are all part of. Please examine the the following 4 theories and think about how these fit in and can help you expand the work you have done in the previous discussions:

  • The social construction of reality
  • Ethnomethodology
  • Impression Management
  • Social Exchange Theory


You should begin to see how the evaluations that you have come up with can actually be functions of the society you are in.

We talk about the importance of Roles and Norms in how society directs our behavior. Think back to the first assignment when I asked “who are you?” You responses were a little hesitant, not knowing what I was looking for, but you were able to give some basic responses. Now we will make it more concrete.

  1. Create and post your role set.
  2. Discuss any role conflicts that exist.
  3. Discuss the role strains that exist.


For this part, I know most of you have been in love. Discuss what is love? How do you know you are in love?


Chapter 6 examines Groups and Organizations and their functions within society. A Group is “two or more individuals who interact, share goals and norms, and have the subjective awareness of “we””. for this section:

  • List the groups you are in.
  • List what are primary and secondary.
  • Do you have any reference groups?
  • What will cause in group and out group situations?