The Impact of Technology & Information on Healthcare Report

For this Assignment, students are required to find an article related to any healthcare product, service, or organization published in a current or recent issue (not older than January 2019) of a recognized and reputable journal/ magazine. Each student should prepare a 2-part report in no more than 2-pages (double-spaced) (Plus the title/cover page – see typing guidelines for contents of title page) of his/her article.

– In the first part of the report, students should provide a summary of the article.

– In the second part, they should provide their personal analysis and predictions based on the information from the report.

– The above listed two parts MUST BE clearly labeled in the report.

Maximum length of the report: 3 pages (including cover page) (content over 3 pages will not be graded)

Please make sure to have the following information on the cover page:

– Name – Assignment number – The date of submission – Reference information for the article you are reviewing