Why Tattoos Are Deviant

Discussion A

Deviance And Control


For this discussion, we will examine how deviance and social control exist and function within our society.

Please watch the video on Deviance and Social Control. This should assist with your reading.

Deviance and Social control Video Link (Links to an external site.)


For this discussion, I want you to pick a behavior that is viewed as deviant within our society(i.e. tattoos, etc) and discuss the following:

  • Why is it deviant?
  • How do the 3 perspectives functionalism, conflict, and interaction work to control deviance?

Crime is different than deviance in that it is deviance that violates the rules and laws of society. There are many reasons people commit crimes in our society.

  • Choose a reason listed in your textbook and discuss how the 3 perspectives discuss crime and control. The example can be Murder-Capital punishment and the concept of deterrence

Discussion B

All Sections

Status and Social Stratification

Status is defined as “One’s position within a group or society.” Social Stratification is the hierarchical assignment within society, that allows members access to resources, based on their position. We talk about the “American Dream” and “Land of Opportunity” as mechanisms of your success in our society. Does this exist?

Discussion Preparation

Please watch the video on the One Percent and complete reading in book.”


Discussion C

  • Discuss how the 3 perspectives discuss your status success or failure based on your position in society.
  • Discuss if the “American Dream” exists, based on your reading.

Globalization And Dependency

Discussion Preparation

Read the chapter in the book


For this discussion, I want you to focus on the effects of Dependency when referring to Globalization. This will help with your work for your groups. Do the following:

  • Define Dependency Theory
  • Research how the US has benefited from this in a global economy(big hint-Clothing Manufactures)
  • Discuss your findings

Search entries or author

Discussion D

Race And Ethnicity

Discussion Preparation

Chapter 10 is one of the most important chapters for this course. The material in this chapter covers what we all experience daily in our lives. So for this discussion, we are going to look at “Whiteness and White Privilege”. Many find this topic very divisive and the foundation of what we look at as prejudice and racism.

Video To Watch:

  • White Like Me (Links to an external site.)


  • Watch the video “White Like Me (Links to an external site.)
  • Discuss how these terms fit within the 3 perspectives.
  • Discuss if you agree or disagree.

Since this topic can be divisive, I ask that you be respectful of your classmate’s opinions and make constructive and engaging comments. Class is getting real. Please include questions of me so we can really broaden the topic.